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Hebei Longhai biodiesel a little in the boiler, the application of vehicles
Date : 2017-01-13

Biodiesel can be used as a boiler, turbines, diesel engines and other machinery fuel, can be widely used in industrial fields.

Biodiesel is a kind of high quality clean diesel oil, which can be extracted from various kinds of biomass. So it can be said that it is an inexhaustible source of energy. It is expected to replace oil as an alternative fuel.

Diesel fuel is the main power fuel of many large vehicles such as trucks and diesel locomotives and generators, which has the advantages of large power and low price. The demand of diesel is very big in our country. The main problems of diesel applications are often seen on the road Smoke the truck. Black smoke is mainly due to incomplete combustion, serious air pollution, such as a large number of particles of dust, CO2 emissions higher.

According to the American Society of Fuel Engineers, air pollution from engine fuel combustion has become a major problem in air pollution, such as nitrogen oxide, which is half the emissions of other industrial sectors, carbon monoxide, two-thirds of other industrial emissions, toxic hydrocarbons Half of other industrial emissions. Exhaust nitrogen oxides and sulfides and air in the water can be combined to form acid rain, exhaust carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide too much will make the atmospheric temperature, which is often said that the "greenhouse effect." In order to solve the problem of exhaust gas pollution and deteriorating environmental pressure, people began to study the use of other fuels such as fuel alcohol instead of gasoline, the current fuel alcohol in North America such as the United States and Canada and South American countries such as Brazil, Argentina and other occupied a considerable proportion, Vehicles equipped with fuel alcohol engines have been put on the market. For most of the diesel-fueled high-powered vehicles such as buses, diesel locomotives and agricultural vehicles such as tractors and other major diesel-fueled engines, the fuel alcohol is not suitable. And diesel exhaust pollution caused by large than gasoline, so people have developed a substitute for diesel - biodiesel.

In fact, the inventor of the engine Diesel early 1912 Missouri Engineering Conference report said that rapeseed oil for engine fuel today does not seem much significance, but in the future will become as important as oil and coal fuel. Compared with traditional diesel oil, biodiesel has the following advantages:

1, to renewable animals and plant fatty acid ester as raw material, can reduce the demand for fossil fuel oil and imports;

2, environment-friendly, the use of biodiesel tail gas emissions of toxic organic matter is only one-tenth of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide emissions less than petroleum diesel, mixed biodiesel emissions can reduce the concentration of sulfur content;

3, do not replace the engine, but also a protective effect on the engine.

Biodiesel can be expected as an important clean fuel will play an important role in large cars!

Hebei Longhai bio-energy Co., Ltd., in May 2006 set up. My company's main products are methyl oleate, methyl palmitate, fatty acid methyl ester, methyl stearate, biodiesel, plant black angle (plant asphalt). The above is my company to bring the explanation. You are welcome to inquire, come to buy!