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Longhai biological about the safe storage of methyl oleate method
Date : 2017-01-13

Methyl oleate is the body's nutritional requirements, but also many projects in the production and production of raw materials needed products. It is worth noting that, no matter how much they have the efficacy and performance, storage of their security is necessary to pay attention to it. So, what is the safe way to store them?

The safest way to store this material is to place it in a sealed glass bottle or take other bottling methods so that they are free of accidents.

To sum up, if we have the case of methyl oleate, and has been purchased and ready to use, then, before our storage, to take the above method, that is, bottled storage, so, They will give us a security effect!

Hebei Longhai bio-energy Co., Ltd., in May 2006 set up. My company's main products are methyl oleate, methyl palmitate, fatty acid methyl ester, methyl stearate, biodiesel, plant black angle (plant asphalt). Above is my company for everyone to make the introduction. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us!