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"Low-freezing point biodiesel research and development" project through the acceptance
Date : 2017-01-13

July 30, organized and hosted by the Handan Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, invited experts to form the acceptance group, the Handan City Science and Technology Research and Development Program heavy "low freezing point biodiesel research and development" for the acceptance of the meeting. Acceptance group listened to the project team made the work report, technical reports and special funds audit report, site visits and reviewed the relevant materials and other supporting materials, unanimously adopted the acceptance of experts.

The project uses continuous feed, continuous hydrolysis, high-pressure counter-current hydrolysis technology, metal mesh packed tower tower separation technology to achieve the extraction of bio-diesel from waste animal and vegetable oils. Hydrolysis rate from 80% -85% to 95% -98%, energy consumption reduced by 30% -40%, waste water decreased by 40% -50%, output from 5-15T / d increased to 60-80T / d. Low-freezing point (-10 ℃) biodiesel. The project has obtained three patents, the detection of the technical indicators have reached the standard requirements. The product developed by the project can be in the winter minus 10 ℃ environment under normal use, there is no common biodiesel at low temperatures easy to condense shortcomings. Non-toxic and non-corrosive, no loss of parts, easy to biodegradable, environmentally friendly, can be used around the clock, a higher boiling point, lightning, and the use of a variety of products, And other characteristics.

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