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Hebei longhai bio-energy co., LTD. is a high-tech enterprise which use of waste vegetable oils production of biodiesel.
In 2006 longhai Biology use qinghua university department of chemical engineering state key laboratory of green reaction of patent technology industrialization production, after 11 years of development has been achieved biodiesel and new materials annual production capacity of 100000 tons . On the basis of qinghua university advanced reaction coupling patent technology,  longhai biology creatures and made seven patented technology , all production process safety, environmental protection, energy saving, high efficiency, conversion rate reached 99%, longhai is also the first domestic enterprises which all indicators meet the European EN14214 standards , products exported to European Union countries, get the trust of the customers.
Protecting the green mountains, protecting the ecological environment, leading industry development is the goal of longhai biology . We will continute to regard innovation and development as longhai biology theme, "the quality first, reputation first" is our concept,  first-class products and first-class has been serviced to new and old customers.